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Posted in February 2016

Questions Commas Do Matter – Even Virtually! 1 comment for "Commas Do Matter – Even Virtually!"
Diane Shingledecker describes how she uses Community Based Learning in her online classes to strengthen student learning and bring excitement to the class. Posted February 29, 2016
Set a number of questions per page in a Quiz Become more proficient and effective in the quizzes tool
Learn specific settings in the quizzes tool you can use to make you more effective and efficient. Posted February 22, 2016
pie chart of now show users. No Show survey results 8 comments for "No Show survey results"
In mid-Janury 2016, the Distance Learning Advisory Council (DLAC) sent out a survey to all instructors teaching at least one […] Posted February 17, 2016
Cleaning content duplicates in your D2L course 2 comments for "Cleaning content duplicates in your D2L course"
If you accidently copy content in to your course twice, use this technique to quickly reset your course to copy it all again. Posted February 15, 2016
icon continuous delivery D2L CD update 10.5.6 for February 2016 1 comment for "D2L CD update 10.5.6 for February 2016"
Updates for faculty on the D2L Continuous Delivery update for February 2016 Posted February 12, 2016
news icon Want current news on your course homepage? 4 comments for "Want current news on your course homepage?"
Add current news to your course using an RSS feed and a custom widget. Posted February 2, 2016