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Panthers unleash the ‘WOW Factor’ at Weeks of Welcome

Story by James Hill. Photos By Misty Bouse, Ellen Payne & Alaina Buller.

Build a Panther was a popular activity.

Build a Panther was a popular activity.

Welcome back, Panthers! It’s that time of year again when Portland Community College unleashes the party animals within, and it’s all happening at the “Weeks of Welcome” (WOW). Students painted the town Panther as we all celebrated a fresh start to the school year.

The WOW festivities were a welcome sight as students returned in masse to the college’s campuses. PCC is experiencing an enrollment surge after years of declining student numbers. Full-time credit student enrollment for fall term is up a whopping 9%, and total enrollment has surged by 7.4%. Talk about a comeback story after the pandemic slump.

The WOW-fest is the epicenter of excitement. Picture this: free food that’ll make your taste buds dance, games that’ll challenge your skills, and enough resources to power your academic journey. Plus, students met the fantastic PCC staff who are here to make their college life a supported journey to a degree or certificate.

Ever wanted to create your own PCC mascot? Students got their chance! All week students and staff crafted their very own Poppie the Panther stuffed animal and added some pizzazz with a tie-dye t-shirt. All supplies were on the house. It was a great opportunity for everyone to show off their Panther pride.

And, students were able to express themselves with flair at the Button Bash. Whether they brought their own pics or using others, this free button-making extravaganza was very popular.

The fun doesn’t stop after the first week either. There’s a treasure trove of cool events waiting for students throughout the month. Check out the full schedule at the WOW website and get ready for a roaring good time, Panthers!

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