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PCC’s Marvin Sadler joins friend in recreating embarrassing moment in ‘Prom Night Flex’

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Marvin at roundtable discussion

Marvin Sadler has been a fixture at PCC for 12 years.

A recently released Netflix project features Portland Community College financial aid technician Marvin Sadler, who co-stars in the documentary short “Prom Night Flex” with his childhood friend and emerging director Leon Lozano. 

“Leon is truly one of my brothers,” Sadler said. “We’ve been friends since seventh grade. I am so very proud of his up and coming film career.

“Leon has written and directed his own films ‘My Father Belize’ and ‘Something is Killing Tate’ to name a few,” he added. “He’s also been directing recent episodes of the CW’s series ‘All American,’ The African Channel’s ‘Travels with Nate,’ and BET’s ‘Tales’ series (Season 3, Episode 2 “Renee”).”

The Netflix short is now posted through social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram as it was released over the winter holidays. It was filmed over a weekend this past spring break. The crew spent 15 hours filming. Then, it was edited down to a seven-minute short film. It is described as “The true story of a teen that ended his senior prom night by recording the most embarrassing video.” Generally, it’s Lozano retelling their 1995 prom night tale from Fremont High School in Oakland, California.

“At the end of the day, I have always wanted to do something in the arts,” said Sadler. 

Championing students for more than 12 years, he has worked as senior student account specialist and financial success coach before moving to financial aid on the Cascade Campus. Sadler has deep empathy for students. He especially gets the resourcefulness required to pursue a higher education nowadays; and he witnessed how similarly challenging it is to work in film. 

“Filming ‘Prom Night Flex’ was such an amazing experience to be able to see all of the behind the scenes work,” he said. “Without a doubt, this was a once-in-a-lifetime moment in which I am truly thankful for. Then to meet, chat and work alongside future inspiring actors was not only humbling, but it allowed me to embrace the hard work and dedication it takes to stick with the dream of breaking through the industry.  

“The individual journey and stories of each ‘Prom Night Flex’ participant made me excited for their futures in film. My prom date (Maureen Butler) has appeared in episodes of “Bel-Air” (the series) and various game shows. These actors film segments of shows and movies, then, run off to the next audition and/or work to pay their bills,” Sadler added.

“I hope everyone takes seven minutes out of their day to enjoy the film.”

You can view the film by visiting Netflix’s YouTube channel.

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