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Proceeds from annual ‘Big Give Day’ fund-raiser to go towards student support

Story By Nancy Hartman. Photos By Wendy Wright.

When Dariana Granados first began at Portland Community College she wasn’t sure of what she wanted to study and considered many options. Granados decided to take time to explore her career options more thoroughly and make an informed decision for her educational journey. 

Dariana Granados

Dariana Granados.

This led her to becoming a student in the Future Connect Program where she was able to call on the support of her coaches, who helped guide her career exploration by introducing her to industries that interested her. In addition, the first-generation college student earned a “Bridges to the Future” Scholarship to help pay for her classes and put her on a path to success.

Her dad is in construction, and she would often go to work with him and help out by painting on construction projects. Granados’ past experience in construction gave her an idea about her career path and so she asked her coach to help arrange an informational interview with a general contractor.

It became apparent to Granados that she wanted to help her family by working with her dad. That’s why she made her decision to study construction management through the college’s Building Construction Technology Program with the goal to become a licensed independent contractor.

“I have two younger and four older siblings,” she said. “I’m the first person in my immediate family to go to college. I’m working towards helping my parents financially. I want to pay them back. And I want to show my younger siblings that college is possible.”

Granados was unsure of her career path when she first came to PCC, and was nervous because she didn’t do well in high school. But, with the help of her “Bridges to the Future” Scholarship and her Future Connect coaches, she had the opportunity to explore her options.

‘Big Give Day’ Oct. 4

It is support like this that is made possible by donors to PCC Foundation events, like the upcoming “Big Give Day.”

From noon on Tuesday, Oct. 4 to midnight on Wednesday, Oct. 5, the PCC Foundation will host its annual “Big Give Day” to raise more than $100,000 to support scholarships, emergency aid and college programs to help students like Granados during their educational journeys at PCC.

This year, 26 PCC Foundation scholarships and college programs will participate in “Big Give Day,”  which uses networking and crowdfunding to raise money. In 2021, 640 donors raised over $217,000 to support students. The funds were used for equipment, emergency grants, support services and scholarships.

Have questions?

Call the PCC Foundation at 971-722-4382, or email pccfoundation@pcc.edu.