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Posted in March 2018

0 PCC Partnering with Delta Airlines 1
PCC has joined a workforce partnership agreement with Delta Air Lines that calls for a major shift in how the airline will interact with the college Posted March 30, 2018
Eastland recalled that while the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing, she and her fellow young people were kept on the sidelines due to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s wish that no children should risk possible imprisonment. Civil Rights Hero Shares Her Story
Sandra Eastland recalls her Civil Rights days for students, faculty and staff at Cascade Campus Posted March 29, 2018
Claudia Buchard Ivy League of Her Own 2
PCC alum Claudia Buchard talks Cornell, excelling in academics and her love of biology Posted March 26, 2018
Student wearing a hard hat and holding a hand tool Fair Trades
Career Pathways Program connects youth to industry jobs through Swan Island career fair Posted March 19, 2018
Portland firefighters testify before the Portland City Council on the legacy of Gus Waterford. Photo by Christina Kline. Foundation Honors First Black Firefighter
In the history of any city, there are trailblazers whose courage and resolve help to pave the way for those who come after them Posted March 12, 2018
Greg Contreras Return Worth Waiting For 4
CAMP manager Greg Contreras has the program back and serving migrant students in Washington County Posted March 12, 2018
PCC Presents 'Laramie Project'
Portland Community College’s Theatre Arts Program is proud to present the play “The Laramie Project” from March 9-10 and March […] Posted March 6, 2018
holi Holi Holiday! Students Get Festive 4
The Cascade Campus student leadership as well as other campuses throughout the week have been getting a taste of the […] Posted March 6, 2018
Poppiethe Panther and Lisa Avery in front of the Oregon Capitol Building Capitol
Staff and students spend day showing how PCC is the right investment at the right time Posted March 5, 2018