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PCC students veterans host four-star general, Army band for remembrance event

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On Tuesday, Nov. 7, Southeast Campus Student Veterans Association welcomed Gen. Merrill “Tony” McPeak and the 234th Army Band & Color Guard to the Great Hall in Mt. Tabor Hall for a salute to military veterans. More than 70 people listened to the retired four-star general and Air Force Chief of Staff, who was a Co-Chairman and military advisor during Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign. He was also interviewed in and was a consultant on the 10-part Ken Burns film on PBS ‘The Vietnam War.’

Kudos to the students for organizing a great salute to veterans!

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x by Josh 6 years ago

This is great to see, I am so glad there is a veteran’s resource center in Cascade now as well. We need to respect former service members even if we disagree with foreign policy decisions. Kudos. I hope no disrespectful students were taking a knee at this event.

x by Ian 6 years ago

The PCC veteran community is working hard to get a Veteran Resource Center established at SE Campus. It is commendable that SE is working on recognizing veterans and the veteran community. We just need the SE Campus administration to provide a designated area large enough for a Veteran Resource Center and appoint a VRC staff coordinator position.

In regards to the speaker (Gen. McPeak). He has a wealth of knowledge and a very diverse amount of experience. I hope he had some influence with individuals and had a productive exchange in communication.

x by Abdulkadir ibrahim 6 years ago


x by Abdulkadir ibrahim 6 years ago

The best thing to do is turn around And do it

x by Abdulkadir ibrahim 6 years ago

veteran’s best thing to do

x by Mike Lane 6 years ago


Mike Lane here. I was gladdened to read about General McPeak’s visit to PCC. What a wonderful testament for our Veterans and show of support for all students who will know that they can have assistance without judgement. Thank you.

I am a Business/accounting student at PCC Rock Creek, Veteran (U.S.M.C ’69 – ’73) with 40 years business experience (management, product development, sales, marketing, training,). Additionally, I have over 30 years of verifiable Veteran assistance, VPSS, WRAP, #THW00058 OR/AMH/OH. My company is … Please consider for a position at the new facility. Thank you.