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Alumni to students: get involved, explore and don’t take ‘no’ for an answer

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Five former PCC students who transferred on to local universities recounted their journeys at the Third Annual Alumni Transfer Panel & Luncheon at the Rock Creek Campus on May 28.

Panelists included 2014 Diamond Alum winner Abel Ahumada Alaniz (OHSU School of Dentistry), Sara Lopez (Portland State), Stephanie Gonzalez (University of Oregon), Pablo Nieves-Valenzuela (Pacific) and Flor Medina-Torres (Portland State). This event was designed for current students to hear about the experiences of alumni who have gone on to four-year institutions. 

 “Never give up,” Alaniz said. “Believe in yourself.”

The panel offered tips on how to successfully transfer to a major university from PCC and included tips such as
  • How to get connected and meet people.
  • Value who you are.
  • Don’t take “no” for an answer.
  • Explore while you are still at PCC because it’s a less expensive place to find out what interests you.
  • get involved in campus clubs.
  • Find a mentor and take advantage of the expertise of your instructors.
  • Take the scholarship writing class.
  • Network.