Posted in June 2014

PCC donates 85 used computers to the Vernonia School District
June 25th, 2014  Written by Amy Mintonye The completion of the college’s bond-funded addition to Rock Creek Campus Building 7 […] Posted June 30, 2014
Answer Center improves delivery of student services at Sylvania Campus
June 30, 2014 Written by Amy Mintonye The newly unveiled Answer Center at Sylvania Campus is the latest in a […] Posted June 30, 2014
Alchemy gets crowned 2
The student publication wins a Gold Crown from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Posted June 30, 2014
Wendy Fresh (left) and Jessica Bernards at Rock Creek Campus. Instructors write own math notes 8
Students from California to Maine who enroll in college algebra or precalculus will have Jessica Bernards and Wendy Fresh to thank for both the classroom experience and the passing grade Posted June 23, 2014
PCC donates computers to Vernonia 1
The college’s Rock Creek Campus gives the Vernonia School District 85 computers and 47 LCD flat screens for student learning Posted June 23, 2014
Rock Creek's PTK chapter wins big
The Rock Creek Campus' Phi Theta Kappa Chapter, once in a lull for several years, has come back strong Posted June 17, 2014
Cultures merge over tea
In a corner of the Great Hall at PCC Southeast Center, 50 people came together to enjoy a shared moment that transcends their cultural divides and geography Posted June 17, 2014
PCC commencement in pictures 4
Portland Community College’s 52nd Commencement Ceremony attracted thousands of people to Memorial Coliseum on Friday, June 1 Posted June 16, 2014
Gardening Club hosting plant sale
The club is hosting a plant sale in the Sylvania Learning Garden this week Posted June 10, 2014
Barbur work to impact Sylvania 1
Due to bridge rehabs happening on Barbur Boulevard in June ​some traffic ​lanes will be closed Posted June 9, 2014