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Posted in November 2013

Left to right, ROOTS adviser Sarah Dykes, Floyd Pittman and Cascade ROOTS Director Claire Oliveros. Since 2011, the ROOTS Program has posted a persistence rate of 96 percent; meaning that an overwhelming majority of students are taking their studies seriously, and taking advantage of the support systems that ROOTS offers to help them succeed. ROOTS fosters academic growth 3
Cascade ROOTS is one of the federally-funded TRiO family of programs, which provide comprehensive wraparound support services to college students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds Posted November 27, 2013
'IndiVisible' exhibit at Cascade
Propelled by the twin forces of slavery and colonialism, African and Native peoples came together in the Americas Posted November 27, 2013
PCC hosts STEM Conference 1
Science, technology, engineering and math programs around the college met on Rock Creek to share ideas Posted November 25, 2013
Career Guidance instructor Jackie Elliot teaches a CG 100 course to more than 25 students during fall term. Like many Career Guidance instructors, Elliot is also a counselor in the Sylvania Counseling Center and feels strongly the classes give students a better chance at being successful. Career guidance classes available
In an effort to answer some of these concerns, along with other options for personal and academic growth, the College Success and Career Guidance courses are providing answers and options. Posted November 22, 2013
PCC, PSU re-up enrollment pact 5
PCC leader Jeremy brown met with PSU President Wim Wievel to re-up their institution's dual enrollment pact Posted November 21, 2013
PCC welcomes celebrated artist 9
Jaune Quick-To-See Smith is one of the most acclaimed American Indian artists in the country Posted November 18, 2013
Students encourage 'Dreamers' 1
In late October, a group of 11 PCC students and staff from the Southeast Center and Cascade Campus visited the school and their 'adopted' first graders Posted November 15, 2013
Japan scholars go through sim lab 1
Nursing instructors Doris Rink and Wendy Shelden led the students in a day of simulated learning Posted November 12, 2013
Thansgiving basket donations wanted
Cascade Campus’ ASPCC and Phi Theta Kappa are sending Thanksgiving baskets to more than 50 student families to make the Holiday season a happy time for those students who might find it a financial burde Posted November 12, 2013
College seeks board member
The Portland Community College Board of Directors is seeking candidates to fill a vacancy on the board. The vacancy exists […] Posted November 4, 2013