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Drafting program helps one student to achieve dreams

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drafting student, Nghia Quach

Nghia Quach’s dream has come true. He’s working toward a certificate in PCC’s drafting program that is helping him with his job as an engineering technician. "The drafting program has been really fun to attend," said Quach. "The teachers are very clear in their lectures and they use real-world examples."

At first glance it isn’t the biggest dream in the world, but to Quach it is. His dad, a political prisoner in Vietnam, was able to move his family to the United States in 1997.

At that time, Quach couldn’t speak a word of English. But after enrolling in PCC’s English as a non-native Language program, he was able to gain English skills and a career.

Seven years later, Quach is now an engineering technician with MTI Electronics in Hillsboro. His job is to design parts for assembly machinery and PCC’s drafting program helps him understand the latest designs and software.

PCC offers a one-year certificate in industrial drafting. Industrial drafters and designers develop and draw plans for machines, buildings, castings, tooling jigs and fixtures, fluid power, kinematics, electrical and electronic schematics, piping and structural details, and sheet metal layouts.

The drafting program also has a two-year associate’s degree science degree in architectural drafting. This program helps students develop the design and technical skills needed in the residential and commercial building design industry. The credits from the program are easily transferable on to four-year schools such as Portland State University, Idaho and Montana.

Thanks to PCC, Quach is learning valuable software like AutoCad and gaining the skills he needs for work. Eventually, he’d like to move on to another dream-own an architectural design company.

"Architecture drafting is my big dream," Quach said. "I like coming up with an idea and then draw it up on the computer and see how it works." To get started in drafting, call 503-977-4163.

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