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Teens: nail down summer jobs now with PCC workshop

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PORTLAND, Ore. – School is still in session, but smart teenagers know the secret to landing a good summer job is planning now. An upcoming Portland Community College non-credit class will position high schoolers to start the job they want as soon as the bell rings. Land a Job! Workshop for Teens will walk students through creating their own effective resume and cover letter, which they can use right away. With the needs of the current job market as a backdrop, instructor Linda Wiener will show students just what employers are looking for now, and how to translate the abilities you already have into job skills. The hands-on class features interview practice and research techniques for internships as well as summer jobs."Organizing my resume and approaching employers before my first summer job was hard,"said Connor Barry, an 18-year-old job seeker. "I wish I had had a class like this so I would have known the right approach the first time."The four-week class will take place from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, April 6 through April 29, in Room 107 at Wilson High School, 1151 S.W. Vermont St. Cost is $39.For more information, contact PCC Community Education at 503-731-6622.

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