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If an F-1 student decides to withdraw from their studies at Portland Community College (PCC) and return to their home country, it is required that they notify the Office of International Student Services (OISS) SEVIS team as soon as possible. In emergency situations, this may not be possible prior, and in this case notification to the OISS must be made as soon as the student is able; even after the departure, to ensure proper closing of their SEVIS immigration record.

Notification may be made to the OISS by filling out a Departure Form and Insurance Termination Request Form. These forms are used to notify OISS that you intend to leave PCC before completing your program requirements listed. Additional documentation is required, including a copy of an airline ticket for proof of departure from the U.S.

By submitting the Departure Form, action to your current SEVIS record may be required.  If a student does not notify the OISS that they are departing and do not plan to continue their studies at PCC, their SEVIS record will be terminated for Unauthorized Withdrawal or Failure to Enroll, which may have negative consequences for a student if they plan to return to the U.S. in the future.

Please speak to the SEVIS Team within the OISS to discuss your personal circumstances and possible alternatives.

This page is maintained by the OISS SEVIS Coordinator.