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Basics 1: Navigation and Announcements

navigation bar in d2l Brightspace


“D2L Brightspace Basics 1: Navigation and Announcements” was presented by Rondi Schei (Online Development Facilitator at PCC) with assistance from Peter Seaman (Online Development Facilitator). The session is designed for PCC faculty who are new to D2L Brightspace.

Video Chapters

March 24th, 2020 Session

[0:00] Where to find the D2L Brightspace login link

[0:53] My Home Page overview

[10:52] Course Home Page overview

[19:40] Activity Feed versus Announcement Tool

[28:19] Setting up Notifications

[31:38] Email your students within D2L Brightspace

[43:22] Q/A: “Does the student list update as students withdraw or drop?”

[45:00] Q/A: “Can I combine/cross-list two sections?”

[46:30] Q/A: “If a student has dropped or withdrawn but is still on the class roster, how do I remove them?”

[47:21] Q/A: “Does the Activity Feed keep all documents, videos, messages, etc from term-to-term?”

[47:51] Q/A: “Does the Activity Feed show ‘assignment to grade,’ ‘new discussion,’ or ‘quiz completion’?

[48:11] Quick Eval tool overview

[49:39] Updates widget

[50:18] How to get additional support

Get Additional Support