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Recorded Workshops

Online Learning Instructional Support hosts a variety of training sessions to get you started with the instructional tools used at PCC. We’ve curated recordings for each session that we offer.

D2L Brightspace

These recorded sessions were led by an Instructional Technology Specialist here at PCC and covered key tools within D2L Brightspace.

Overview Sessions
Tool Specific Sessions

Instructional Tools

There are a variety of instructional tools at PCC that faculty can use to enhance their classes. Here are some recordings to get you started.

  • Zoom: Learn how to set up a Zoom room in D2L Brightspace for synchronous meetings with your students! (Zoom resources)
  • Ally: Take a tour of Ally, an accessibility review and mediation tool that integrates with Brightspace to help you find issues with your course materials and fix them (Ally resources).
  • VoiceThread: Overview of VoiceThread, including reasons to use, how to upload media, comment using text, audio, or video, and how to share with students through D2L. (VoiceThread resources)
  • H5P: learn about H5P, an HTML-based content authoring tool that integrates with D2L Brightspace as a way to add interactivity and more opportunities for self-assessment, practice, or active learning. This session will cover evaluating the tool for your own course design, going over examples from previous instructors and course developments, as well as hands-on building activities. (H5P written tutorials for each of the activities, H5P Facts & FAQ, H5P Accessibility)


Using media is a great way to enhance your course and increase student engagement. Check out the sessions below to get started.

Google Apps

Watch these recorded sessions led by Max Macias in IT to learn more about how you can use Google apps to improve your workflow.

  • Google Meet: Learn how to schedule a Google Hangout/Meet, screen share and other file sharing, chat, record, and more!
  • Intro to Google Drive: Learn how to use Google Drive, create and share documents, and more!
  • Google Docs Advanced: Learn more about Google Sheets and Forms, emailing documents, different formats, and more!

You can more information about Google Apps you can use to work remotely from the PCC Telecommuting webpage.

Teaching Strategies

Check out these great sessions on various practices you can use to promote student engagement in your classes.

  • Best Practices for Remote Teaching (1hr 21min): Using a combination of existing knowledge of Culturally Responsive Online Teaching practices alongside crowd-sourced strategies during the session, members of the Training & Development team and the ITS team will curate actionable steps teachers can take to improve their teaching presence, build community, and boost their content delivery within remote spaces. (session slides)
  • What Works Well in Online Teaching (WWWOT): This is a set of essential practices to help instructors improve their teaching practices. The new version includes practices for engaging and inclusive online teaching, and for creating a sense of belonging. (WWWOT website and WWWOT session slides)
  • Strategies for Equitable Grading in D2L Brightspace: Online Learning staff shows how to create equitable grading schemes and rubrics in D2L. Explore a 1-5 point grading scale, a complete/incomplete scheme, and shows you how to create rubrics that use an equitable grading scale.
  • Equitable Online Assignment workshop: A two-hour workshop by Kevin Kelly (PCC Spring 2022 Book Club), in which participants follow the backward design model to (re)design an online assignment with equity in mind. Consists of: Assessment – Participants will investigate methods to increase learning equity in how students complete and submit their work, and how they (the teacher) review and score that work, Engagement – Participants will identify ways to increase learning equity during assignment-related interactions (e.g., student-student peer review, teacher-student feedback), Content Review – Participants will discuss strategies for increasing equity related to reviewing content for an assignment (e.g., sharing multiple perspectives, using Open Educational Resources), and Instructions – Participants will explore an expanded Transparent Assignment Template to create equity-focused assignment instructions.
  • Culturally Responsive Remote Teaching: Online Learning staff and experienced online faculty discuss strategies for culturally responsive remote teaching.
  • Strategies for Remote Teaching Part 1: Online Learning staff and experienced online faculty discuss strategies for moving to remote teaching.
  • Strategies for Remote Teaching Part 2: Online Learning staff and experienced online faculty discuss strategies for moving to remote teaching.
  • Photovoice:  Explore a stimulating visual alternative to text discussions during a highly interactive session.
  • Strategies for Showing Faculty Presence: Explore strategies for showing faculty presence with students in your remote class with the goal of promoting student success.
  • Engaging Students during your Zoom Class: Learn strategies and tools for promoting interaction and student engagement when meeting synchronously.
  • Alternative Assessment Strategies:  Learn how to evaluate student achievement of learning outcomes and what assessment methods can be used that go beyond the usual multiple-choice exams.
  • Remote Teaching – Reflection and Planning: A panel of faculty sharing their Spring term remote teaching experience, lessons learned, and tips for the next round.