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Hybrid courses

Note: Hybrid courses are not currently being offered in the format described below. The college is working on developing new modalities practices and will be updating training and support resources to match these new guidelines.

Hybrids at PCC
Image of overlapping circles depicting hybrid learning

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This info is from 2018 but is being kept online because some of the resources are useful in addressing remote instruction.

Significant steps have been taken to better support hybrid instruction at PCC during the past couple of years, largely due to the efforts of the hybrid work group and the hybrid faculty mentor program supported through a President’s Fund award. The hybrid mentor program has ended, though some of the resources are still available.

Hybrid course template

The hybrid faculty mentors and the Online Learning department have developed a robust hybrid course template that you can use to start developing a new hybrid course. Within the template you’ll find a page of instructional resources specifically for developing hybrids. You can request a copy of the template.

If you already have a hybrid course but want to import the intro modules, you can use this package.

Hybrid course design resources

These hybrid design resources are essential for planning your hybrid course. You’ll find numerous guides used in the hybrid design workshop, instructional resources specific to PCC, and excellent external resources for hybrid design. Please direct any questions about hybrid course design to Greg Kaminski.

Hybrid design resources

What’s next in supporting hybrids at PCC?

Significant steps have been taken, though there is still more to do. The work group activity has ended, and next steps are under discussion by the administration. Here is an archive of the work done during the 2017 – 2019 academic years.

In recognition of our hybrid faculty mentors

Thanks to our team of hybrid mentors from the President’s Fund award! The hybrid mentor program has ended, but they invested a great deal of time and effort in designing our hybrid course template, the hybrid design workshop, and in facilitating our training and consultation opportunities.

  1. Gretchen Gebhardt, SY (GS)
  2. Blake Hausman, SE (ENG/WR)
  3. Debby Machuca, CA (BI)
  4. Tiffany Sargent, RC (ECON)
  5. Megan Savage, SY (ENG/WR)
  6. Paul Wheatcraft, SY (BA)