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Learning Administrators: Access & Training

Start by reviewing the following documents:

To be granted learning administrator permissions within the system, you must first work with CTD to establish a provider name. To do so, send a brief email to CTD that contains the following information:

  • Department/committee/group of which you are a member
  • Proposed provider name (e.g., PCC- PSEC, PCC- IT, PCC- FMS)
  • Topics/Courses you currently offer

If necessary, CTD staff will schedule a brief meeting to discuss your needs and a provider name will be configured.

Learning Administrator Training

After establishing a provider name, you must complete learning administrator training, assigned in MyCareer@PCC by CTD staff, to review pertinent guidelines and basic functions of the learning suite of MyCareer@PCC.

After you have completed this training, you will be granted learning administrator permissions. CTD requests that each provider have at least 2 learning administrators identified from the affiliated Department/Committee/Group.