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MyCareer@PCC: Learning Administrators

The Culture Transformation & Development department is working with departments, committees and groups around the district to centralize and streamline employee training with the implementation of the learning management features within MyCareer@PCC. There are a myriad of training and development opportunities for staff and faculty at PCC and Learning Administrators serve a vital function in designing, developing and implementing these experiences.

Learning Administrators design and develop their own content and are responsible for marketing, assigning, tracking and auditing their own courses. They liaise with the CTD Department regarding instructor-led events and virtual (online, self-paced) training. CTD is happy to consult with learning administrators regarding their course offerings and provide guidance around what works best within the system.

If you, your department or a committee/group you work with provide employee training, please reach out to CTD at CTD@pcc.edu to learn more about how the MyCareer@PCC platform can support your training efforts.