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About our program

In brief…

  • What: we help seasonal and migrant farmworkers earn their GED®.
  • Why: migration and agricultural work often interrupt formal schooling. We’re here to help close the educational gap.
  • Where: classes are offered in Hillsboro
  • Contact us: meet the HEP team

Through funding from the U.S. Department of Education, HEP helps close the educational gap experienced by migrating families.  Our program provides migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their children with an intensive study program to earn their GED® and continue on to college or employment.
Students learning in class

“Ya tengo el papel que dice que tengo mi GED, ahora quiero seguir con el ingles para seguir estudiando y tener un mejor futuro y trabajo.”
Dulce Cook, Graduada de HEP (Generación 2018/19)

Program highlights

  • Classes and exams are free!
  • Classes in Spanish
  • Evening classes allow students to continue to work
  • Academic advising
  • Tutoring services
  • Highly-qualified teachers
  • Clear completion expectations of each student
  • Basic computer training and support
  • Inclusion of family to gain support for student learning objectives
  • End-of-Year Celebration!

Other services include workshops centered on academic skill and student development, childcare and transportation assistance, resume development, referrals on personal counseling, health, vision and dental concerns, and FAFSA and college preparation workshops, etc.

After graduation

Smiling graduates

“Mis planes después de salir de HEP fue seguir mis clases de ingles como segundo idioma, y ahora estoy estudiando para obtener mi certificación en administración de negocios.”
Maria Guadalupe Mejia de Cisneros, Graduada de HEP (Generación 2015/16)

The program does not end at graduation!  After earning a GED®, our students move on to the next steps in their career or education. Next steps can include:

  • Employment upgrades
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and each graduate in need of ESOL will receive a limited PCC stipend to continue pursue ESOL development
  • Military service
  • Apprenticeship
  • Certificate of Skills Acquisition or Achievement
  • Regular or developmental college coursework leading to an Associate’s Degree (each graduate ready for developmental or college work will receive a limited PCC stipend to continue pursue a degree)

Start seeing the Camino possibilities

HEP works with each student to lay out an educational plan and explore the possibilities beyond the GED®.  Whether you are looking to earn your GED® as a youth or adult, if you qualify HEP can help. See your next steps here: how to apply.