Start Guide for Online Learning support

Virtual Backpack: The Start Guide for Online Learning

How does the Start Guide work?

The Start Guide is composed of 4 modules, each with several pages of content and a quiz. As you complete each module, the next one will appear. In the last module, you will find a readiness assessment tool that opens in a new window.

When this assessment is completed, you have the option to save or email a copy of your results to yourself. At this point, you are almost done, but not quite! The last step requires you to return to D2L, and review the last content page called ‘Start Guide Completion’. At the very bottom of this page is a large Submit Results button. You must click this button and submit your results to complete the guide.

Congratulations, you are now done, and are eligible to register for online classes! You can confirm this by loading your MyPCC My Courses tab, and noting the virtual backpack now has a green check on it. More information can be found on the Start Guide for Online Learning page.

green check mark imageFrequently asked questions
Can I stop and return to the start guide at a later time to complete it?
Yes, you can return to the start guide in D2L and click on the Content link at the top of the page. The modules you have completed will have a check mark, just click on the first module without a check mark to pick up where you left off.  If stopped in the middle of the self assessment, there is a ‘Stop and Return Later’ button at the top of the page.
I am getting an error message that my account is disabled, or a weird error about JSON.
Please contact the Student Help Desk at 971-722-8222, or email from your PCC email. We will activate your D2L account.
I thought I finished it, why can’t I register?
You can confirm you have completed the start guide by loading your MyPCC My courses tab. If you are done, the backpack image will have a green check mark on it. If there is not a green check mark on the backpack, you may not have completed the final module. If you didn’t reach the final page called “Start Guide Completion” and click on the big  Submit Results button, you are not done. You can return to the start guide in D2L and click on the Content tab to pick up where you left off. You will also need to meet any prerequisites for the class you want to register for and be within your designated registration period to successfully register.
I have taken online classes before at other schools, do I still have to do this?
The start guide is required for all students to register for your first online credit classes at PCC. if you have taken online classes before this should be relatively easy and quick for you, and you will learn about support resources specific to PCC.
What about community education (or Ed2go) classes? Do I have to complete this guide?
No. The start guide only applies to credit earning online classes that have the computer icon  designation in the schedule.
My advisor (or another staff member) gave me an override for the Start Guide for a previous term. Why am I still being asked to complete this?
The override you received was for prerequisites for the class you wanted to enroll in, not the start guide itself. In order to register for future online classes, you will still need to complete the online start guide if you choose to take another online class.
I was taking the first quiz, and hit the arrow to go to the next page, but it took me back to to the beginning.
Please watch the D2L quizzes orientation video. You will need to submit the quiz to continue to the next section of the start guide.

Do you have a question about the Start Guide for Online Learning that was not answered here? Contact the Student Help Desk for more information!