Subscribing to a D2L Class Calendar

Want to see your D2L Brightspace class events in your Google calendar? You can subscribe to a calendar feed for individual or all your courses and see those events along side your personal calendar. Here’s how:

  1. Access your course on D2L Brightspace
  2. On the Course Home section find the Calendar widget on the right hand side of the page
  3. Click the title of the widget (Calendar)
  4. Click Settings (beneath the top navigation bar).
    D2L Calendar Settings, Settings and Subscribe options are highlighted
  5. Ensure the Enable Calendar Feeds is checked then click Save
    Calendar Options, You will want to Enable Calendar Feeds, then click save once done.
  6. Click Subscribe (next to Settings) (See first image for location)
  7. Use the Calendar Subscriptions drop down menu to either select a specific course or select All Calendars and Tasks
    • We recommend doing each course individually
  8. Copy the full URL that is listed below the Calendar Subscriptions drop down menu (See image below)
    Calendar Subscriptions, choose which calendar you wish to subscribe to, then copy the URL that D2L supplies you with, then click close.

    • NOTE: If you have not, now is a good time to use the Authorize your Google Account widget on your D2L Brightspace Home.
    • Once Authorized the widget will change to “Access Google Apps” with quick links to your Mail/Upcoming Events (Calendar)/Google Drive. This process will not work until you give D2L Brightspace authorization.
  9. Open your PCC Google Calendar
    1. Access your PCC Email address (
    2. Click the Apps button (upper right hand corner – 3×3 square made of squares)
    3. Click Calendar
  10. Click the Down arrow next to Other Calendars (Left-hand side)
  11. Select Add by URL
    In Google Calendar you will add the calendar via, Add by URL option, then past the D2L Calendar URL in the box that is given, then save.
  12. Paste in the URL that you got from D2L Brightspace previously (step 8)
  13. Click Add Calendar