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The Southeast Gallery is pleased to announce that we are open Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 10pm and Saturday, 7:30am to 5pm (except PCC observed holidays). It is located at Southeast Campus on the first floor of the Student Commons. The gallery is on the west window-wall looking out over the campus quad, and shares the space with the heavily used Answer Center.

About the gallery

The Portland Community College Southeast Campus Art Gallery was established for the purposes of continuing to build connections with the surrounding neighborhoods and businesses in Southeast Portland, enriching the environment for PCC students and staff and supporting the local artist community.

We are lucky to host some of Portland’s most talented local artists and their art in our exhibition space. The gallery space is located in the Student Commons building on the campus and is intentionally set near the Answer Center in the Commons building. This space has heavy foot traffic and is a place on campus where students, staff and faculty frequent, making it a great location for the community to engage in the incredible art featured throughout the year.

The art changes every few months and you are encouraged to come by to take a look at the incredible exhibits we appreciate all year around.


For more information about the Southeast Campus Art Gallery contact Kim Manchester (they/she),  Southeast Gallery Director at Portland Community College.

Connect with the SE Gallery through Instagram @se_gallerypdx