College-wide collaboration

4th Annual One College Art Student Exhibition

The Portland Community College Art Galleries are pleased to present our 4th Annual District-Wide Art Student Exhibition — Making Our Mark: PCC Art Student Exhibition 23|24. This year students who took art classes at all four of our college campuses, at our centers and in our remote classrooms were invited to submit their art and participate in our collective exploration of what it means to make your mark.

3rd Annual One College Art Student Exhibition

Our third annual college-wide art student exhibition 2022/2023 was in-person in the spring of 2023, inviting student artists and all of us to take stock of where we are now.

2nd Annual One College Art Student Exhibition

To honor the Art students who were creating both at home and on campuses during the 2021/2022 school year, our 2nd college-wide Virtual Art Student Exhibition invited us all to ZOOM OUT and see ourselves as part of one, powerful creative force.

1st Annual One College Art Student Exhibition

The 2020/2021 school year became one of raising voices and making art – in spite of, and in response to the challenges of being alive in this time. To honor the art that PCC art students created during this pivotal school year, our first ever college-wide virtual art student exhibition invited student artists to “unmute” themselves and share their art work with the world. View the 1st Annual One College Virtual Art Student Exhibition.