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Gabrielle Veillet; Tomoko’s World, 2019; Photography, Photoshop; 9 x 12″; Photography

This media file is attached to: Closing the Distance: North View Gallery 2020 Student Virtual Exhibition

Gabrielle Veillet; Tomoko's World, 2019; Photography, Photoshop; 9 x 12"; Photography

For this project the class was assigned to take three photos that tell a story. This is one from the collection of 3 of my cousin Tomoko who has Moyamoya disease and is also deaf. She is 20 years old but because of her disease she looks and acts much younger. So I just went to Tomoko's house and followed her around and saw what a typical day was like for her and in this image she is waiting for her bus to school. I chose to do a black and white background and her in color becuase even after all the challenges that life and people have thrown at her she always is Tomoko. She is her own person full of life no matter how dark the world can be to her. I also wanted to show how there are many different lives you can live and be happy in them, you can follow your own path not the one society says you need to.

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