Drinking Water Testing

Drinking Water Sample Results

PCC is focused on providing safe and healthful drinking water to all in the academic community. In recent years Portland Community College Environmental Health & Safety department has been conducting District-wide collection and analysis of drinking water samples for the presence of lead. These efforts are done in accordance with two EPA guidance documents; Lead in Drinking Water in Schools and Non-Residential Buildings and 3Ts for Reducing Lead in Drinking Water in Schools.

The EH&S team has identified drinking water sources including fountains, sinks and water bottle fill stations with the goal of creating a database of sample results from each floor of each building that PCC owns or leases. Each year sample locations are selected based on accessibility, space use, and balancing the mix of various source types.

The samples are sent for analysis to a laboratory accredited by the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program. The results are summarized below for each PCC campus and center.

EH&S will continue to sample drinking water sources annually to gain a better picture of the District’s drinking water profile and forecast areas where attention may be required.  All future testing results will be posted on this site.

2023 Results

All source levels resulting in a near or above 15 ppb for lead, will be assessed by the PCC plumber for filter changes or equipment modifications.  Retesting of these locations will occur once changes are completed and before the end of fall term.

2022 results

2021 results

Winter Sustained Return testing
Fall Sustained Return testing
Summer Modified Return testing
Spring Limited Return testing

2020 results

Fall/Winter Remote Operations testing
Summer Limited Operations testing

2019 results

2018 results

2017 results

2016 results

District Drinking Water Sources

Please reference the following for Consumer Confidence Reports for various water agencies within Multnomah, Washington, and Yamhill counties.


If you have a concern regarding smell, taste, color, or sediment in your drinking water please email src@pcc.edu to create a work order.

Questions regarding drinking water testing should be directed to the EH&S staff: