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Step 5: Submit your schedule

After you have registered for classes, you will need to submit your schedule for certification.

screenshot of veterans channel - submit my schedule
  1. Go to the Veterans Channel

    The Veterans Education Benefits channel is on the MyPCC Paying for College tab.

  2. Submit your schedule

    Click Submit my schedule for VA certification. Remember: only classes that apply towards your declared major at PCC can be certified for VA education benefits.

  3. Choose the correct term

    Choose the term you want certified from the drop down menu (please note you may need to scroll down to find the current term).

  4. Check back for messages

    Check the channel for messages about the status of your certification.

What if my schedule changes?

You cannot submit changes to your schedule using the online certification process. If your class schedule changes after you have submitted your schedule for certification, you must contact the Veterans Education Benefits Office.

When do I need to submit my schedule for certification?

Submit your schedule for certification as soon as you have finished registering for classes.

After you submit your schedule for certification, you'll need to make sure your classes are protected from deletion.