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Previous Faculty-Led Programs

Each year, several programs are offered by PCC faculty in locations around the world. Most programs are short (2-6 weeks), take place during the summer, and all offer PCC credits. These programs change from year to year based on the faculty leaders involved. View the current program list.

Summer 2022 Programs

  • Digital Photography in Prague, taught by Kim Manchester
  • Ecology in Australia, taught by Ed DeGrauw
  • Biology and Environmental Science, taught by Sandy Neps and Mark Fisher

Summer 2019 Programs

Students in Spain

  • Math Literacy II and Statistics I in England, taught by Kaiwen Amrein and Emiliano Vega
  • Film Studies in Spain, taught by Tara Foster
  • Principles of Ecology in Australia, taught by Ed DeGrauw
  • Peace and Conflict Studies in Japan and Korea, taught by Doug Byrd
  • Japanese Culture in Japan, taught by Takako Yamaguchi

Summer 2018 Programs

  • Film Studies in Spain, taught by Tara Foster
  • Health, Food Systems, and the Environment in Cuba, taught by Elona Casady
  • Cultural Anthropology in Ireland, taught by Mary Courtis
  • Sociology in Bolivia, taught by Aimee Krouskop
  • Principles of Ecology in Costa Rica and in Australia, taught by Sandy Neps and Ed DeGrauw
  • First Year Japanese in Japan, taught by Yukari Birkett

Summer 2017 Programs

  • Peace and Conflict in Japan, taught by Douglas Byrd
  • Intercultural Communication in Peru, taught by Teela Foxworth
  • Spanish in the Dominican Republic, taught by Dawn Stanfield

Application Timeline

  • Applications to study abroad on a PCC Faculty-Led Program are due February 15. Applications are processed on a rolling basis.

Eligibility Requirements

  • 18 years of age or older by program start date.
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing.
  • Prerequisites for the course(s) included in the program to which you are applying.
  • Attend an Education Abroad First Steps Information Session.
  • Independence, self-reliance, and maturity necessary to obtain the benefits of studying abroad.
  • Willingness and ability to embrace the challenges of studying abroad.

Cancellation & Withdrawal Policy