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icon continuous delivery D2L CD update 10.6.10 for February 2017
The February CD update (v10.6.10) is relatively light, but has a nice update to the equation/html editor. Posted February 16, 2017
Click on Questions tab Correcting scores after quiz has ended
I have been asked a few times about this question that normally doesn’t come up quite often: How do I […] Posted August 1, 2016
Set a number of questions per page in a Quiz Become more proficient and effective in the quizzes tool
Learn specific settings in the quizzes tool you can use to make you more effective and efficient. Posted February 22, 2016
Print Frame option in Firefox Printing a quiz
These instructions explain how to print out a quiz from Desire2Learn so that you have a hard-copy of your assessment. […] Posted November 26, 2014
Are students exceeding your Quiz time limit and submitting late? 1
The way that D2L handles late quiz submissions can be somewhat mysterious. Learn how to make quizzes automatically submit when the time limit is up. Posted June 30, 2014
Are students reading your quiz feedback?
Do you spend a good deal of time evaluating student responses and leaving constructive feedback? Do your students express their gratitude for you feedback? Posted May 28, 2014
Using a syllabus quiz to reinforce course expectations 1
Use a syllabus quiz to reinforce understanding of course expectations. Posted February 10, 2014
Engaging student activity at the beginning of term for your online class
3 easy ways to confirm that your students have checked in and participating in the class activities on the first weeks of the class. Posted December 16, 2013