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Jim Johnstone

Contact info: jjohnsto@pcc.edu

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What about Font? What about Font? 2
Jim Johnsone talk about typesetting for your online content. Posted April 13, 2015
Discussion grid view is back!
Instructors (and students) will be glad to know that D2L has restored the grid view option for Discussions. This feature gives a better overview of overall discussion activity. It's removal was .... unpopular. Posted January 5, 2015
to wrap or not to wrap image To Wrap or not to Wrap, is that the question? 4
Improve your page layout by wrapping text around images. Posted October 6, 2014
Are students exceeding your Quiz time limit and submitting late? Are students exceeding your Quiz time limit and submitting late? 1
The way that D2L handles late quiz submissions can be somewhat mysterious. Learn how to make quizzes automatically submit when the time limit is up. Posted June 30, 2014
Are students reading your quiz feedback? Are students reading your quiz feedback?
Do you spend a good deal of time evaluating student responses and leaving constructive feedback? Do your students express their gratitude for you feedback? Posted May 28, 2014
Screen shot of stats for student Who’s Using the Content Area in Your Class?
Find out which content your students are viewing in your course with this nifty report. Posted March 3, 2014
Why apply the new D2L 10.1 look?
Update your course to use the new navbar and homepage layouts to improve consistency for students. Posted October 28, 2013
Getting ready for Fall term? Things look a little funny?
Maybe you forgot about the Summer upgrade of Desire2Learn.  That’s the reason your class(es) look different.  To begin getting used to […] Posted September 16, 2013