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DS remote/hybrid operations

Working and Learning Remotely: Guidance from DS

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As our college transitions from primarily remote instruction and operations into a new hybrid model, Disability Services is providing guidance to support students, staff, and faculty. 

Broad Guidance 
Specific Guidance – access tips for all types of remote meetings

The kinds of options that can increase access for remotely delivered instruction can also be important for other types of remote meetings – such as those between students and advisors, or in online programming facilitated through resource centers.  

Remote ASL Interpreting and Transcribing Services
Notes During Meetings 
  • Having shared agendas and presentations available in advance is great, but robust notes can be really helpful as well. Disability Services can offer several options and suggestions to help ensure there are good notes available for all participants.
  • See our recommendations for notetaking approaches for remote meetings
Captions for recorded videos

Automatically generated captions are not sufficient for providing access to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, but they can typically be reviewed and corrected. 

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Attendance and Participation

College leadership is requesting that we all operate from a place of understanding, and extend grace, relaxing some of our typical policies in light of the need to respond appropriately to this public health emergency. 

Disability Services does have agreement forms that have been used for students with approved eligibility for some flexibility to be extended in the context of unexpected flare-ups for chronic health conditions – and these agreements can be used as needed, but we also hope, that to the degree possible, flexibility is being afforded to all students. Our quick reference guide includes a section on liaison services.

Accessibility Aides and Technical Support 

We do have aides and techs available, and they are prepared to provide services remotely. We also have self-serve information available online at www.pcc.edu/adapt and this can be a great way to learn more about accessibility features built into mainstream devices and systems. 

Accessible Electronic Documents

Accessible electronic formats can afford a lot of flexibility for users. These documents can typically be magnified, and the text can be read out loud or annotated. We encourage anyone authoring or sharing documents electronically to review the information from Instructional Support.

  • Students who are registered for courses and making requests for alternate formats through AIM will have their requests processed in the same way. 
  • Faculty and staff who are hosting non-course related remote meetings can consult and get technical assistance as needed. 
Connecting for Consultations

We are happy to connect and collaborate. Our main technical assistance is designed to be easy to remember. Please check out our website for self-serve information and contact information and feel free to call our office lines, or our tech group. The tech group number is 971-PCC-TECH (971-722-8324) and email is access-tech-group@pcc.edu.