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Technology plays a bigger role in modern education than ever before. Living in our digital world can be complicated for students and teachers alike. Our digital literacy resources are here to help you navigate this complexity and get the most from your digital tools.

We can help you stay up to date with existing technologies, build your computer skills, and grow your capacity to use new technologies.

We’re here to help all learners: students, educators, and staff.

Events and workshops

Learn on your own

Tech @ PCC

Tech @ PCC is a self-service guide to getting acquainted with the websites and software that PCC students use.

video Introduction to Tech@PCC


Northstar offers online, self-paced digital literacy assessments and tutorials.

video Introduction to Northstar
video Setting up your Northstar Account
video How to Use Northstar
video Track your Progress in Northstar

For employees

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor authentication (MFA) protects your account using more than just a username and password. Soon, all PCC employees will need to use MFA to access their PCC accounts.

link MFA: More than a password
video Two Factor Authentication

Contact us

Carey Larson, Digital Literacy Program Coordinator: carey.larson@pcc.edu