Working With Faculty and the Academic Calendar

Some of the most rewarding Community-Based Learning partnerships happen when faculty and partners connect to set up an opportunity for students. Keep in mind that while the rest of the world seems to operate on a regular calendar, everything at a college happens on the academic calendar.

Make initial contact 2-3 weeks before the beginning of a term

If you are trying to connect with faculty, make your initial contact two to three weeks before the term begins.  If you are trying to connect for fall term, you may need to contact them before spring term has ended.

Submit volunteer opportunities at least 1 week before the beginning of the term

Most students will have found their service site by week three of the term.  If you have a volunteer opportunities, you will want to get that to us at least a week before the term begins. You can post opportunities on GivePulse at anytime.

List your volunteer opportunity on GivePulse

Take student schedules into consideration

Many of our students work 20-40 hours per week in addition to taking care of their families.  While some can and do make a time commitment beyond what is required for the course, many cannot.  Don’t give up on those students, try to think of other projects you could use help with that don’t require the training/commitment that your usual volunteer opportunities need.