Community Partner Criteria for Affiliation

PCC Community-Based Learning Community Partners must meet and agree to the following criteria:

  1. Be a community based group/organization, non-profit, or public agency serving community needs.
  2. Be accessible to Portland Community College students.
    • For on-ground in-district collaborations: this includes Multnomah County west of I-205, Washington County, Columbia County, parts of Yamhill County, and Lake Oswego, Oregon.
    • For on-ground, out of district collaborations please contact the PCC CBL District Coordinator.
    • For online collaborations: provide accessible opportunities for online engagement regardless of location.
  3. Provide volunteer opportunities that foster learning objectives
  4. Incorporate risk-management procedures for injury prevention and liability reduction. (For local resources on best practices, refer to Nonprofit Association of Oregon or Northwest Oregon Volunteer Administrators Association)
  5. Accept volunteers over the course of one term (up to eleven weeks), with the possibility of continuation beyond the term. (Note: Instructors assign varying minimum hours for the term, ranging from about 5 to 20 total hours.)
  6. Have a responsible contact person who will:
    • Respond quickly to student inquiries.
    • Let students know quickly whether they are accepted.
    • Place students in positions matching educational objectives.
    • Ensure that students are oriented, trained, and supervised.
    • Communicate with students and/or PCC instructors about problems and successes.
    • Follow the guidelines on the PCC Community-Based Learning Agreement.
  7. Interested in promoting students’ academic learning, community engagement, social responsibility, and civic engagement.
  8. Understand the disclaimer we provide to our PCC community.


PCC Community-Based Learning utilizes GivePulse to manage Community Partnerships.

Request to Affiliate with PCC