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PCC Sylvania ASPCC: Clothing Donations Needed for ASPCC Thrift Store

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Over at ASPCC Sylvania, we’re planning for Earth Week, and we need your help!

Earth week is a college wide environmentally focused education week, where we as campus community have a dialogue about sustainability, and how we can apply it to our everyday lives. ASPCC Sylvania is planning to host a thrift shop as part of earth week!

To help our Earth Week activation be a success, we at ASPCC need clothing. Clothing of any kind will help, weather it be children’s apparel, maternity, or sports clothing (We won’t be taking undergarments or used socks). You can drop off clothing off at the front desk in the ASPCC Space in CC 221 anytime from now until April 17th. We ask that any clothing you bring in for it to be washed prior to bringing in your donation. We are also accepting clothes hangers!

Our thrift shop experience in the ASPCC Space is to help encourage students to shop at thrift stores to reduce emissions that arise from buying new clothing, this will be free for students, all they need is their Event Pass from PantherHub! This experience will happen during ASPCC’s normal business hours from 9AM to 5PM during Earth Week, we hope you can join us, and that you share this information with students!


AJ Romero-Gemmell, Student Coordinator

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