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SE Uplift and Sankofa Collective Northwest: Earth Day; An LGBTQIA POC Led Day of Service & Litter Pickup (Sunday, Apr 22)

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On April 22nd, from 12 pm to 3 pm SE Uplift and Sankofa Collective Northwest are hosting an event for Earth Day!

Earth Day Event Banner_SE Uplift and Sankofa Collective NW

A Day of Service that is LGBTQIA POC led to support picking up some of our forgotten streets around St. Francis. (around 11th & Oak St) and building community through shifting the lens of what service looks like.

Event Goals & Intended Outcomes:
  • Change what environmental leadership looks like
  • Help kick off the City of Portland’s Sankofa Collective NW day on April 23, 2018 by serving the community!
  • Bring together marginalized community groups
  • Clean up an area in need
  • Take the opportunity to serve the many folks sleeping outside St. Francis in some way
  • Building and strengthening neighborhood appreciation (in Buckman around Enlace, Voz, St. Francis)
  • Serving the planet for Earth Day!


Mireaya@seuplift.org | 503-232-0010

About the Organization

SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition supports its neighborhood associations and community partners by providing education and training for neighborhood leadership, urban planning, fiscal management and communications.

Sankofa Collective Northwest promotes the health and well-being of Black gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, their families and friends through: support, education, organizing and advocacy, to end discrimination and secure equal human rights.

Sankofa Collective Northwest carries out our mission of working towards the liberation of Black LGBTQ persons and therefore all Black people; through our key program areas of Faith Outreach, Youth Outreach, Portland Black Pride, Member Support, and Policy and Advocacy initiatives.

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