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CCOG Courses in Art Spring 2024

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Course Number Course Title
ART 101 Understanding Architecture
ART 102 Understanding the Visual Arts
ART 103 Understanding New Media Arts
ART 106 Digital Tools
ART 115 Basic Design: 2D Foundations
ART 116 Basic Design: Color Foundations
ART 117 Basic Design: 3D Foundations
ART 119 Basic Design: 4D Foundations
ART 131A Drawing I
ART 140A Introduction to Digital Photography
ART 141 Introduction to Photography
ART 142A Darkroom Photography I
ART 143A Darkroom Photography II
ART 181A Painting I
ART 197 Artist Skills/Practical Issues
ART 203 Indigenous Art of the United States and Canada
ART 204 Global Art History: 65,000 BCE - 5th Century
ART 205 Global Art History: 6th Century - 1700
ART 206 Global Art History: 1700 to the Present
ART 207 History of Asian Art: Art and Architecture of India
ART 208 History of Asian Art: Art and Architecture of China
ART 209 History of Asian Art: Art and Architecture of Japan
ART 210 Women in Art
ART 211 Modern Art History: 19th Century Art in Europe & America
ART 212 Modern Art History: Early 20th Century Art
ART 213 Modern Art History: Art Since 1945
ART 214 History of Graphic Design
ART 215 History of American Residential Architecture
ART 216 Introduction to the History of Photography
ART 217 Comics Art & Literature
ART 218A Calligraphy I: Roman Capitals and Humanist Bookhand
ART 218B Calligraphy I: Italic
ART 218C Calligraphy I: Carolingian and Uncial
ART 219A Hand Lettering: Monoline Techniques
ART 219B Hand Lettering: Special Tools
ART 219C Hand Lettering: Hand Drawn Letters
ART 220A Calligraphy II: Roman Capitals and Humanist Bookhand
ART 220B Calligraphy II: Italic
ART 220C Calligraphy II: Carolingian and Uncial
ART 228 Introduction to Visual Narrative
ART 231A Drawing II
ART 237A Drawing the Human Figure
ART 240A Photo II: Digital Photography
ART 243 The Photographic Portfolio
ART 244 Photo I: Black and White Photography
ART 253A Ceramics I
ART 254 Ceramics Hand Building
ART 255 Ceramics Wheel Throwing
ART 256A Ceramics II
ART 257 Ceramics and Plaster Molds
ART 272 Printmaking I Screenprinting
ART 273 Printmaking I Intaglio
ART 274 Printmaking I Relief
ART 275 Printmaking II
ART 277A Painting the Human Figure
ART 279A Experimental Media: Making and Meaning
ART 281A Painting II
ART 284A Watercolor I
ART 287A Watercolor II
ART 290A Sculpture: Plaster/Clay
ART 291A Sculpture: Carving
ART 292A Sculpture: Mixed Media
ART 293A Figure Sculpture
ART 294A Sculpture: Metals