Course Content and Outcomes Guides (CCOG)

CCOG Courses in Art Effective Summer 2020

Course Number Course Title
ART 101 Understanding Architecture
ART 102 Understanding the Visual Arts
ART 103 Understanding New Media Arts
ART 115 Basic Design - 2D Foundations
ART 116 Basic Design - Color Foundations
ART 117 Basic Design - 3D Foundations
ART 119 Basic Design-4D Foundations
ART 131A Drawing I
ART 131B Drawing I
ART 131C Drawing I
ART 140A Digital Photography I
ART 140B Digital Photography I
ART 140C Digital Photography I
ART 141 Introduction to Photography
ART 142A Introduction to B&W Photo (Darkroom)
ART 142B Intro to B&W Photo (Darkroom)
ART 142C Introduction to B&W Photo (Darkroom)
ART 143A B&W Photography II (Darkroom)
ART 143B B&W Photography II (Darkroom)
ART 143C B&W Photography II (Darkroom)
ART 181A Painting I
ART 181B Painting I
ART 181C Painting I
ART 197 Artist's Skills/Practical Issues
ART 204 History of Western Art
ART 205 History of Western Art
ART 206 History of Western Art
ART 206H History of Western Art: Honors
ART 207 History of Asian Art
ART 208 History of Asian Art
ART 209 History of Asian Art
ART 210 Women in Art
ART 211 Modern Art History - 19th Century Art in Europe & America
ART 212 Modern Art History - Early 20th Century Art
ART 213 Modern Art History - Art Since 1945
ART 214 History of Graphic Design
ART 215 History of American Residential Architecture
ART 216 Introduction to the History of Photography
ART 217 Comics Art & Literature
ART 218A Calligraphy I - Roman Capitals and Humanist Bookhand
ART 218B Calligraphy I - Italic
ART 218C Calligraphy I - Carolingian and Uncial
ART 219A The Art of Hand Lettering: Monoline Techniques
ART 219B The Art of Hand Lettering: Special Tools
ART 219C The Art of Hand Lettering: Hand Drawn Letters
ART 220A Calligraphy II - Roman Capitals and Humanist Bookhand
ART 220B Calligraphy II - Italic
ART 220C Calligraphy II - Carolingian and Uncial
ART 231A Drawing II
ART 231B Drawing II
ART 231C Drawing II
ART 237A Life Drawing
ART 237B Life Drawing
ART 237C Life Drawing
ART 240A Digital Photography II
ART 240B Digital Photography II
ART 240C Digital Photography II
ART 243 The Photographic Portfolio
ART 248A Glass Casting
ART 248B Glass Casting
ART 253A Ceramics I
ART 253B Ceramics I
ART 253C Ceramics I
ART 256A Ceramics II
ART 256B Ceramics II
ART 256C Ceramics II
ART 270A Printmaking I
ART 270B Printmaking I
ART 270C Printmaking I
ART 271A Printmaking II
ART 271B Printmaking II
ART 271C Printmaking II
ART 272A Introduction to Screenprinting
ART 272B Intermediate Screenprinting
ART 272C Advanced Screenprinting
ART 277A Life Painting
ART 277B Life Painting
ART 277C Life Painting
ART 279A Experimental Media
ART 279B Experimental Media
ART 279C Experimental Media
ART 281A Painting II
ART 281B Painting II
ART 281C Painting II
ART 284A Water Media I
ART 284B Water Media I
ART 284C Water Media I
ART 287A Water Media II
ART 287B Water Media II
ART 287C Water Media II
ART 290A Sculpture: Plaster/Clay
ART 290B Sculpture; Plaster/Clay
ART 290C Sculpture: Plaster/Clay
ART 291A Sculpture: Carving
ART 291B Sculpture: Carving
ART 291C Sculpture: Carving
ART 292A Sculpture: Mixed Media
ART 292B Sculpture: Mixed Media
ART 292C Sculpture: Mixed Media
ART 293A Figure Sculpture
ART 293B Figure Sculpture
ART 293C Figure Sculpture
ART 294A Sculpture: Metals
ART 294B Sculpture: Metals
ART 294C Sculpture: Metals