Women's Resource Centers

Visitors to the Women's Resource Center

The Portland Community College's campus based Women's Resource Centers (WRC) are dedicated to providing a supportive, comfortable, encouraging, and safe environment to all PCC students and offer programs to support personal and academic growth. The WRC also provides ties to other student support services and community-based social services.

The Women's Resource Centers provides an excellent "first stop" for women who are returning to school after a prolonged absence. It is a place to learn about campus and community resources, to meet new friends, exchange information and share common concerns.


The Portland Community College Women's Resource Centers provide a central location for services that support the academic achievement of women and promote a campus community that is safe, inclusive, and equitable. Our goal is to increase access to education for women, improve the retention of women students at the college, and encourage women's leadership development.


  • Encourage empowerment and self-esteem in women by teaching self-advocacy.
  • Enable women to make informed choices regarding academic, career, lifestyle, and health issues by providing accurate information, support, and education.
  • Develop women’s leadership by supporting student-initiated programs and providing training in leadership skills.
  • Encourage exploration of gender issues; to enhance personal development of women and men by integrating theory and learning into their daily lives; to provide a programmatic context for informed action and practical experience of issues critical to women and society.
  • Actively seek the end of oppression based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, age, and physical and mental abilities through all our programs and services.
  • Form alliances and foster collaboration between students, college resources, staff, faculty, and members of the wider PCC community.


  • Providing the highest quality services possible to our constituents.
  • Respecting and valuing the differences which enrich our lives and working toward greater diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Defining our work from varied feminist perspectives around women's culture, women's oppression and women's resistance.
  • Utilizing programming and resources to decrease isolation and increase support networks.
  • Demonstrating civility in all discourse.
  • Responsible use of fiscal and human resources to serve students in fulfilling the goals of Student Development and the Portland Community College mission.