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Fall 2023

Come back to find out more about our events as they are scheduled!

Past events

April 20-June 6: Accessible Ed & Disability Resources and Women’s Resource Center Accessible Book Club

Book: Academic Ableism Disability and Higher Education

Academic Ableism brings together disability studies and institutional critique to recognize the ways that disability is composed in and by higher education, and rewrites the spaces, times, and economies of disability in higher education to place disability front and center.  For too long, argues Jay Timothy Dolmage, disability has been constructed as the antithesis of higher education, often positioned as a distraction, a drain, a problem to be solved. The ethic of higher education encourages students and teachers alike to accentuate ability, valorize perfection, and stigmatize anything that hints at intellectual, mental, or physical weakness, even as we gesture toward the value of diversity and innovation. Examining everything from campus accommodation processes, to architecture, to popular films about college life, Dolmage argues that disability is central to higher education, and that building more inclusive schools allows for better education for all.

  • Group date and time: Wednesdays, 4/20/22-06/08/22, 4-5pm via Zoom
  • Group Details: This group is open to all interested students and staff. The format of this group will be flexible and adaptive and will be centering the accessibility needs of all members.
  • Registration required: Register for the Accessible Book Club
  • If you are interested in registering, have any questions about the group or accessing the text, or want to talk through disability concerns, contact Kiera or Otto.
  • Kiera (Coordinator RC WRC): kiera.hansen@pcc.edu
  • Otto (Disability Advocate & QRC Reorganization Consultant): otto.norton@pcc.edu
April 25: Let’s Talk About Sex and Disability

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. WRC staff recognize that we don’t talk about sex and disability often and when we do, it’s often about people with disabilities, not with them, and is centered around violence. The WRC and Accessible Ed & Disability Resources wanted to do something different.

Join us for a collaborative workshop. Facilitators will share safer sex information, answer questions, and support dialogue. Participants are encouraged to come with questions, offer support and info to their peers and share their lived experiences to the degree they are comfortable. This workshop is open to all PCC students but will center the experiences of women, transgender, and/or non-binary people with disabilities.

April 26: Substance Use and Harm Reduction Lunch Chat

Join the WRC as we start a new monthly event! Substance Use and Harm Reduction Lunch Chats are a monthly gathering for PCC students to meet with their peers and learn from each other: share data, current information, lived experience, and harm reduction tips/tools/tricks. These events are open to all students but will center the experiences of women, transgender, and/or non-binary students who identify as in some way being impacted by substance use/abuse/addiction. Each month will be a new topic. Future dates will be released soon.

  • April is Sexual Assault Assault Awareness Month and therefore, our theme is Sexual Assault
  • April Lunch Chat is 4/26, 12-1:30pm, via zoom
  • Registration required: email kiera.hansen@pcc.edu
  • Facilitator bio: This meeting is regularly facilitated by Kiera Hansen, MSW, Coordinator of the Rock Creek Women’s Resource Center.  Kiera is also an instructor for the Addiction Counseling and College Success and Career Guidance Programs. They have approx 15 years of experience working with survivors of trauma in active use or a process of recovery. Additionally, they have worked with many families and community members impacted by substance use. They identify as a queer, non-binary trauma survivor impacted by and reflective about substance use. They come from a harm-reduction perspective which includes but is not limited to complete sobriety and the AA model. They are excited to offer this space to students that haven’t been offered before and cannot wait to meet you all.
Shout 2022

Are you a PCC student who feels strongly about body autonomy? Are you concerned about the future freedom of reproductive rights? Would you like to participate in a theater play raising awareness?

Shout 2022 is aimed at drawing awareness to matters of bodily autonomy at PCC. Shout 2022 wants to bring together discussions about gendered bodies, trans bodies, queer bodies, abortion, reproduction, hormones, inclusion, diversity, and rebirthing oneself/ourselves. This project welcomes creative expressions by PCC students, alumni, faculty, and staff around bodily autonomy in all possible areas & on all possible levels. The contributions will be curated into an interactive online experience, to be visited by donation. Donations will benefit the PCC Foundation Native Scholarship, hosted by the Multicultural Center at Sylvania.

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