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Program Admission

Thank you for your interest in the PCC Veterinary Technology program. The application packet contains the information and forms you will need to complete the application for admission to the program. The PCC Veterinary Technology program begins a new cycle of classes in September of each year. Good luck! Veterinary Technology is an exciting, challenging, and rewarding profession.

New Vet Tech Prerequisites

Please note that both Chemistry and Math prerequisites have changed and are not reflected in the 2014-2015 catalog. Completion of CH 151, Preparatory Chemistry, and MTH 95, Intermediate Algebra, with a grade of "C" or higher, are now required prerequisites for all students applying for Vet Tech admission for fall 2015. However, students who completed Chemistry 100 at PCC prior to fall 2013 have met the above Chemistry prerequisite requirement.

In summary, the Vet Tech program prerequisites are: WR 121, MTH 95, MP 111, BI 112, and CH 151. All of these classes must be passed with a "C" or higher grade by the May 1st application deadline each year. This means that spring term is too late to be enrolled in prerequisite courses.

You may take prerequisite courses at PCC or any other accredited college. For any courses that you have taken or plan to take at other colleges, you must email the course description to Dr. Ragan Borzcik at vet@pcc.edu for approval.

Have questions?

Contact the Veterinary Technology program.

Application Packet

Print all documents below for a complete application packet. The application deadline is May 1. Please use the Application Guidelines to help you fill out the application correctly.