Rock Creek PE Facilities

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Rock Creek PE Facilities

Rock Creek has a large combined circuit and free weight room as well as a full court gym. The weight room has more than 25 selectorized weight machines that are arranged in a circuit, as well as numerous aerobic machines including: treadmills, ellipticles, stair climbers, concept II rower and exercise bikes. The free weight area is very extensive with numerous benches and racks and dumbbells ranging from 2 lbs to 150 lbs. The gym has a curtain that can be lowered to accommodate classes. 

We also have a very large outdoor complex which we share with Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District (THPRD).  THPRD uses the complex in the evenings and on weekends while we use it during the day on weekdays. This 32-acre multi-purpose facility includes:

  • Two synthetic turf soccer/lacrosse/football fields
  • Four sand-based baseball/softball fields
  • Two natural turf practice fields
  • Six tennis courts

All playing fields and tennis courts are illuminated except the practice fields. The facility also includes a half-mile, 10-foot-wide perimeter loop walking/jogging/biking trail; a pedestrian plaza and concourse; picnic pavilion and multiple picnicking areas; children’s play equipment; a concession stand/restroom facility, and 500-600 trees.

A unique multi-use facet is the baseball/softball complex. These fields use temporary outfield fencing and removable bases, enabling fields to be set up for 60, 75 or 90-foot basepaths for age-appropriate level of play.  With the fencing removed, the natural turf fields become available for soccer, lacrosse and football.

Read more about how these facilities came to be in Rock Creek's field of dreams.

Open Weight Room

If you are a P.E. student, faculty, staff or have a current activity pass, you are eligible to use the weight room during open times. Check the Gym Schedule for available times.


Rock Creek’s locker room is equipped with baskets for each PE student or individual acquiring a facility use pass for the term. These baskets have combination locks on them. The locks may be moved to larger lockers while the student is participating in a PE activity but must be returned to their basket before leaving the facility. To acquire a basket with a lock, just show proof of registration in a PE class or receipt of facility use payment to the facility counter located by the entrance to the locker rooms in building 5. At the end of the term each lock should be turned in to the locker room attendant. A small fee will be charged to your PCC account if you lose your lock.

Staff lockers are also available on a first come basis. These lockers are good through fall, winter, and spring terms.  At the end of spring term, lockers will be cleaned out and you will need to be reassigned a new locker for the next school year.

The locker rooms are also equipped with numerous showers. Shower towels can be checked out with your student activity card. When you return your towel you are given back your card. This is the same procedure for checking out PE equipment.

Clothes that are left in baskets at the end of the term are bagged and held for one term. After one term if you have not claimed your items they are turned over to surplus.