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Prior to submitting their syllabi, we’ve asked high school instructors to verify that their Dual Credit syllabi has met the PCC requirements detailed under Course Approval.

The PCC Dual Credit program requests an updated copy of PCC on-campus and high school Dual Credit syllabi in addition to a Schedule of Learning Activities by September 1st of each year.

Review of PCC Dual Credit Syllabi

PCC Faculty Liaisons should use the Syllabus Approval Form (SAF) when reviewing and approving a High School Dual Credit Faculty's syllabus..

The Faculty Liaison reviews the Dual Credit syllabus and notifies the high school instructor and the PCC Dual Credit office of the approval. If not approved, the liaison works with the high school instructor to make the necessary changes to meet approval guidelines.

When changes are made to the curriculum or to the syllabus by the PCC department, the liaison will forward these changes to the Dual Credit instructor.

High school instructors are required to hand out a college-approved course syllabus at the beginning of each term, semester or year (depending on the duration of the course) that is aligned with the equivalent college course syllabus.

How to Submit Your PCC Department’s On-Campus Syllabi 

Simply email your PCC department’s on-campus syllabi to dualcredit@pcc.edu. You will receive a confirmation email once your syllabi is received.