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Easy visuals with Canva Easy visuals with Canva
Create visual components for your online content with Canva. It is easy to learn, has user friendly drag-and-drop interface and will get you professional looking results after few min of work. Posted November 16, 2015
Find Manage Dates link under Manage Course widget or on Manage Course page. Offsetting all the dates at once with Manage Dates tool 2
Learn how to change all your dates at ones using Offset option in the Manage Dates tools of D2L. Posted July 20, 2015
Take a walk on a bright side!  Brightspace video tutorials Take a walk on a bright side! Brightspace video tutorials
There is a full assortment of video tutorials released by D2L can be found on the community.brightspace.com website and Brightspace Tutorials YouTube channel. Just search and find the answers to your D2L related questions. Posted May 18, 2015
Paperless classroom in 5 easy steps Paperless classroom in 5 easy steps 3
Paperless Classroom practices can be adapted for your campus based course with 5 easy steps. Learn how it's done by Kathy Casto, an English/Reading/Writing instructor from PCC Southeast Campus. Posted March 16, 2015
LMS tricks from Northwest ELearning LMS tricks from Northwest ELearning
Use these browser tricks to simplify your work flow around LMS. Start with these 5 and follow to www.edtech2020.org for many more. This is the resource site of Tim Chase from Baker Charter Schools. We met him this fall at Northwest e-Learning conference. Posted January 26, 2015
Sharon Hennessy is ESOL instructor from PCC Southeast Campus Paperless Classroom. Bring your own devices! 1
Paperless Classroom for Distance Learning is the reality now, but it still can be a challenge for many Face-to Face teaching instructors. This week Southeast based ESOL instructor Sharon Hennessy talks about her experience with going paperless. Posted November 24, 2014
Audio 10 free eLearning audio and video tools for teachers 1
There are many really useful Audio and Video tools that you can find for free or that might already be on your computer. This article lists 10 free Audio and Video applications, and I explain some pros and cons of these applications. Posted August 18, 2014
Keeping in touch with your online class using Notifications Keeping in touch with your online class using Notifications 1
Keeping in touch with your class activities without being logged into your Desire2Learn account is easy with Notifications. By selecting an appropriate setting you can choose the type and amount of updates you receive. Posted May 27, 2014
Decorative image of a film projector Great tips for creating educationally effective audio/video content
Audio and video instructional materials can enhance your courses, increase engagement, and improve learning outcomes if used effectively. Posted March 17, 2014
picture of a student raising hand Engaging student activity at the beginning of term for your online class
3 easy ways to confirm that your students have checked in and participating in the class activities on the first weeks of the class. Posted December 16, 2013