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Instructor responsibilities

  • Instructors will receive formal notification of testing accommodations when students have verified eligibility. Instructors and students should discuss the course and the accommodation needs to determine if proctored exams can be administered by the faculty member directly, or if the testing centers will be needed to proctor.
  • If the instructor does intend to use the testing center, the Testing Contract needs to be completed. The Testing Contract is available as a link in the Approved Accommodations Form (sent by email) but can also be pushed out through emails by Testing staff. The Testing Contract is a brief form that collects information about how the exam is administered in the classroom (standard time allowed, use of materials permitted, etc) as well as how the exam should be delivered (hand delivered, intercampus mail, email, or uploaded through the secure system).
  • Instructors should encourage students to schedule their exams with the testing centers as early in the term as possible. Exam proctoring schedules differ from campus to campus; all appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Instructors and students will receive an email confirmation of the appointment.
  • Instructors must deliver exams to the Testing Center via intercampus mail, in person, or email prior to appointment date – preferably at least one business day in advance.
  • Testing Center contact information, schedules, and further information about accommodated testing can be found on the Testing Center webpage.
  • Testing will not collect or disseminate any non-proctored materials, such as homework, papers, surveys, or take-home tests.
  • Students suspected of cheating or violating testing procedures will be reported to their instructors and Testing Center administration.