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Spaces is the enterprise wiki platform used by PCC for projects, documentation, committees and meeting notes.

Access Requests

Spaces does not require an access request to view a majority of content, but it is tied to your MyPCC username and password. Some may be accessible only to a certain department or active directory workgroup, depending on how permissions are set up. If you need access to content that you do not have access to, contact a representative of the department or workgroup in question to request access.

Logging in to Spaces

You can access Spaces by visiting spaces.pcc.edu. You can also find a link to Spaces on the my.pcc.edu Employee Tab under Employee Tools > Communication.

Requesting a Space

If you’d like to have a new space created, contact the Web Team.


  • Shared Wiki-like collaboration
  • Version control
  • Page update alerts

Service Availability: 24/7

Service Owner: Web Development

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Who uses this service

Employees, Faculty

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