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Calendar (Google)

Google Calendar is the primary calendar used within PCC. It can be used to organize your time and schedule time with others within the college.

As the creators of Google Calendar, Google creates the best help information on the subject. We’ve curated a list of commonly asked questions to help you get answers faster. If the answer you’re looking for isn’t here, take a look at Google’s full help topics on Google Calendar.

Get started View, create, & edit events
Get Started with Google Calendar Create events in Calendar
View your day, week, or month Invite people or groups to an event
Print your calendar Delete an Event
Search on Google Calendar Add attachments, rooms, or video conferencing to an event
Keyboard Shortcuts
Share & manage calendars Setup & create appointments
Share your calendar with someone How to set up an appointment schedule
Create & subscribe to new calendars How to share your appointment schedule
Delete or unsubscribe from a calendar How to delete available appointments & cancel booked appointments
Add a Google calendar to your website Customize your appointment availability
See someone’s calendar availability
Setting working hours and location


  • G Suite for Education core services

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Service Owner: Enterprise Applications

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