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Posted in 2021

PCC logo Recruiting an Energy Resource Manager!
PCC is recruiting an Energy Resource Manager! This position works closely with the Sustainability team on a number of initiatives […] Posted December 30, 2021
PCC logo COP26 Report Back from Makerusa Porotesano
COP26 was a 2 week long conference in Glasgow that countries from around the globe attended to discuss the climate […] Posted December 16, 2021
PCC ranked top overall Associates College in the US in the AASHE 2021 Sustainable Campus Index
We are certainly honored to see that the 2021 Sustainability Campus Index has Portland Community College ranked as the top-performing […] Posted November 15, 2021
Portland Youth Climate Summit Portland Youth Climate Summit is recruiting members; Stipend positions available
Working with GPSEN’s Portland Youth Climate Collective (re-envisioned College Network), we are taking on this year’s Youth Climate Summit. We […] Posted October 21, 2021
PCC logo We’re Hiring A Strategic Energy Associate!
Position Description Portland Community College is looking for a qualified person to join our SEM Leadership Team to reduce energy […] Posted October 7, 2021
PCC Sponsors Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education; Free Registration Code
Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education is an opportunities to learn and engage in the sustainability movement. PCC is a […] Posted September 28, 2021