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Student conduct hearing process guide

Did you receive an email from the Dean of Student Development Office about an alleged Student Code of Conduct policy violation? Here is a guide to what the process involves and things for you to consider.

Read the hearing notice carefully

This email has important details about the behavior that was reported, how it relates to the Code of Conduct, as well as your options for scheduling a hearing and accessing resources during the process.

Participation options

If you decide to participate you may do so in a variety of ways including in-person, by telephone, video conference, and/or by a written statement. The hearing is an opportunity for you to review the information that was reported, as well as share your perspective about it.

Remember the deadline

Be sure to contact your Student Conduct Officer well ahead of the deadline stated in the email you received.

If you decide to not participate

Ultimately it is your right to choose whether or not to participate in this process – it is optional, not mandatory. Please know that if you decide to not participate, the Student Conduct Officer will still need to move forward and make a final decision based on the information they have available to them.

Support person options

It is your right to choose whether or not to bring someone to your hearing to support you. This includes but is not limited to a parent, friend, advisor or an attorney.

Know that whoever your Support Person is that their engagement during the hearing will be very limited. They can speak to you directly, but they cannot speak on your behalf or engage with the Student Conduct Officer.

Because of the sensitive information being discussed, you will be asked to sign a FERPA release allowing the person you selected to be present during the hearing.

If you want legal support

While this is not a legal process you have the right to seek legal advice at your own expense. If the Support Person you bring to the hearing is an attorney, you must notify the Student Conduct Officer within 48 hours of the hearing.

Notice of decision

Once the hearing process concludes you will receive an email with a Notice of Decision. That email will have details about whether or not any policy violations occurred, sanctions (if any), as well as appeal options available to you.

Appeal options

If you decide to appeal the decision that was made you must do so by the deadline stated in the Notice of Decision you received. The grounds for appeal are very specific. Please know that simply being dissatisfied with a decision is not grounds for an appeal.