Facilities Plan Phase 1 committees

Steering Committee

  • Serves as a recommending body for the project
  • Meets the second Monday of every month
  • Meetings are open to all interested
View Steering Committee members
Name Title Campus
Sylvia Kelley Co-Chair,  Executive Vice President District
Jim Langstraat Co-Chair,  Vice President, Finance and Administration District
Lisa Avery President, Sylvania Campus Sylvania
Lisa Bledsoe Associate Vice President of Human Resources District
Eric Blumenthal Associate Vice President of Finance District
Kendra Cawley Dean, Academic Affairs District
Kate Chester Director, Community Engagement District
Linda Degman Director, Bond Program District
Linda Eden Director, Auxiliary Services District
Sandra Fowler Hill President, Rock Creek Campus Rock Creek
Derrick Foxworth Director Public Safety District
Miriam Friedman Dean of Student Development Southeast
Denise Frisbee Board Member District
Frank Goulard Faculty Representative District
Jeff Grider Classified Representative District
Tony Ichsan Director, FMS District
Debra Jarcho IT Manager, Bond Program District
Katy Ho Vice President of Academic Affairs District
Abdul Majidi Director, Workforce Development Opportunity Center at 42nd Avenue
Laura Massey Director, Institutional Effectiveness District
Michael Northover Chief Information Officer, IT District
Kaela Parks Director, Accessible Ed & Disability Resources District
Rob Steinmetz Vice President of Student Affairs District
Briar Schoon Manager, Sustainability District
Kurt Simonds Dean of Instruction Cascade
Rob Wagner Associate Vice President, College Advancement District
TBD District Student Council District

Task Force

  • Serves as the management team for the project
  • Meets weekly
  • Meetings are open to all interested
View Task Force members
Name Title
Kendra Cawley Dean, Academic Affairs
Kate Chester Director, Community Engagement
Linda Degman Director, Bond Program
Tony Ichsan Director, FMS
Debra Jarcho IT Manager, Bond Program
Rebecca Ocken Manager, Bond Program

Work Groups

  • Serve as technical resource to project
  • Meet as needed
  • Meetings are open to all interested
View Work Groups and members
Committee Chair Members
Space Utilization Kurt Simonds
Dean of Instruction, Cascade Campus
  • Laura Massey
  • Tonya Booker
  • Tricia Brand
  • Ken Dodge
  • Julie Mast
  • Karen Sanders
  • Tatyana Batazhan
Facilities Condition Assessment John MacLean,
Manager, Facility Support Services
  • Joe Gamble
  • Mark Erickson
  • Tony Ichsan
  • Gary Sutton
  • Heidi VanBrocklin
  • Zahava Jones
Capital Projects Linda Degman
Director, Bond Program
  • Debra Jarcho
  • Rebecca Ocken
  • Gary Sutton
  • Tony Ichsan
  • Zahava Jones
Safety and Security Derrick Foxworth
Director, Public SafetyMichael Sturgill, Co-Chair
Technology Specialist
  • Debra Jarcho
  • Danielle Parker
  • John Zalas
  • Alan Bral
  • Kevin Crowley
  • Tony Ichsan
  • Neal Naigus
  • Charisse Loughery
Transportation and Parking Kathleen McMullen
Manager, Transportation and Parking
  • Karissa Nickerson
  • Wendy Palmer
  • Jennifer deLaix
  • Mark Gorman
  • Jack Lussier
  • Michael Kuehn
  • Mandy Ellertson
  • Dean Halley
Information Technology Val Moreno, Infrastructure Services

Debra Jarcho, Co-Chair
Manager, Bond Technology

  • Michael Heuer
  • Hank Schottland
  • Payam Damghani
  • Ed Hawkins
  • Andy Freed
  • James Reece
  • GD Iyer
  • Amy Hanson
ADA Alex Baldino
Equity Investigator, Office of Equity and Inclusion
  • Wendy Palmer
  • Jody Giffen
  • Maria Mendez
  • Kathy McMullen
  • Kevin Edwards
  • Donna Bezio
Sustainability Briar Schoon
Manager, Sustainability
  • Laura Ward
  • Julie Mast
  • Alyson Lighthart
  • Elaine Cole
  • Jack Lussier