C.A.T. Studio

Community Arts and Technology Studio

Projects in the studio


The Community Arts and Technology Studio (C.A.T. Studio) is part of the MCSC (Margaret Carter Skill Center), where students can bridge interests with career opportunities through hands-on learning experiences. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology to help students coming from educational experiences who do not have the resources to provide this type of exploration.

The C.A.T. Studio is committed to project-based learning, tech literacy, and exposure to creation tools for those who may not otherwise have access.

  • Laser cutting and design
  • Mass manufacturing
  • Electronics and coding
  • Vinyl cutting
  • Fabrication and soldering
  • 3D Modeling and printing

Our mission is to assist students in applying skills and knowledge to fundamental problems faced by individuals and society. The C.A.T Studio, as part of the MCSC, will enable students to learn fabrication and manufacturing (both physically and digitally), function effectively as independent decision-makers, be effective citizens in society, and be productive employees in the workplace.

Students working in the studioWho we serve students who:

  • Have experienced or are experiencing the criminal justice system
  • Have dependents other than a spouse
  • Need to work full-time
  • Were unable to complete GED or diploma requirements
  • Are single parents
  • Are disproportionately students of color

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