Margaret Carter Skill Center

Cascade Campus TEB 124 | Contact: Julie Stocker, Margaret Carter Skill Center Coordinator



Student using computer in Margaret Carter Skill CenterThe Margaret Carter Skill Center assists unemployed and underemployed students in becoming more self-sufficient by providing educational and occupational training to meet and match labor market opportunities.


The Margaret Carter Skill Center assists students in applying skills and knowledge to basic problems faced by individuals and society. The Skill Center will enable individuals to function effectively as independent decision makers, to be effective citizens in society, and to be productive employees in the workplace.

Who are our students?

Opening Doors students building circuit boardsThe Skill Center connects with non-traditional students who:

  • Experienced or are experiencing the criminal justice system
  • Have dependents other than a spouse
  • Need to work full-time
  • Were unable to complete GED or diploma requirements
  • Are single parents
  • Our students are disproportionately students of color

How do we connect with our students?

The Skill Center connects with non-traditional students through:

  • Targeted Outreach in juvenile justice and adult corrections facilities
  • Creating pipelines with high schools (Helensview, SEI, RAHS-POIC, Jefferson HS etc.)
  • Reaching out to non-traditional students who are already enrolled at PCC

Our goals

  • We intend to recruit, assess, support, and advise–these efforts lead to retention for the College, not the Skill Center.
  • We intend to strengthen connections with other programs at PCC to amplify the incredible work already underway.
  • We intend to create inroads for non-traditional students which in turn helps the College meet its mission to offer opportunities to all in the community seeking higher education or workforce development opportunities.

C.A.T. Studio

The Community Arts and Technology Studio is a space within the MCSC where students can bridge interests with career opportunities, through hands-on learning experiences. Learn more about the C.A.T. Studio.